Hi! I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stanford Urban Informatics Lab. I am investigating how human behavior, technology, and urban form interact in forming energy consumption and pollution patterns of cities, and how these interactions can be leveraged to reduce the environmental footprint of human activity.

In my current work, I am building an urban energy modeling framework to evaluate the impact of urban design strategies on city energy consumption across the building sector and the transportation sector. To do so, I combine traditional engineering simulation with data-driven statistical methods. Before starting my Postdoc, I used a similar approach to evaluate the environmental impacts and costs of ownership of different types of cars, subject to heterogeneous travel patterns, geographical conditions, vehicle properties, and driving styles.

I also build interactive data visualization tools that enable a wide audience to explore my research results. Find one of my projects, carboncounter.com, under Data Visualization.

In my spare time, you'll sometimes find me behind the viewfinder of a camera, especially when travelling. I've allowed myself to share a couple of pictures. Enjoy!

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