Hi! I am a Senior Researcher in the Ecological Systems Design group at ETH Zurich. I am investigating how urban form, human behavior, and technology interact in forming energy consumption and pollution patterns of cities, and how these interactions can be leveraged to reduce the environmental footprint of human activity.

I focus on the mobility sector, modeling the causal link between urban form and multi-scale mobility patterns and how emerging technologies might alter this relationship. To do so, I use different mechanistic and data-driven modeling tools from engineering, computer science, and economics. I also explore different ways to measure, quantify, and visualize urban form in a way that is meaningful for sustainable urban development and human wellbeing.

I build interactive data visualization tools that enable a wide audience to explore my research results. Find one of my projects, carboncounter.com, under Data Visualization.

In my spare time, you'll sometimes find me behind the viewfinder of a camera, especially when travelling. I've allowed myself to share a couple of pictures. Enjoy!

Marco Miotti

Senior Researcher (Oberassistent) | Computational Urban Planning and Sustainable Mobility

Chair of Ecological Systems Design
ETH Zürich

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